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Nov 09

爱。开心便当のFrog fish balls bento

Hello, good day! I was having problem with my blog last few days…some “naughty” viruses been playing around at my hosting server and I was not able to log into my blog since last Friday.  After the cleaning and fixing of the viruses, we found out that some of my blog setting and page layout were deleted…I …

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Oct 14

爱。开心便当のPanda Sandwiches

Time flies…is Friday again…There was only one charaben bento I made this week, a panda bento on this Wednesday. I used two type of breads to make this cute panda, white and choco raisin bread.  With the help of four different sizes of round cutter, I cut the breads into different sizes for different body parts – the …

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Oct 13

爱。开心便当のBread Donuts & Floggy Cake Bentos

Good day!!  😀 Can’t believe that I didn’t update my blog for more than two weeks, and again… I must give my sincere apologies to everyone especially those whom have dropped me comments for taking so long to reply.  I am not sure why I was so busy lately and always away from home, so this …

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Aug 17

爱。开心便当のStrawberry Quail Eggs bento

Made some egg sandwiches this morning and boiled two quail eggs and decorated them as strawberries.  The quail eggs were tinted with beet juice.  Used black sesame, cheese and nori for the details.  For the green part, I used coriander leaves.  Also included two fresh strawberries, some blueberries and grapes in the bento. Hope these cute …

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Aug 15

爱。开心便当のLion King & Lion Queen

Good morning and Happy Monday.  We started the day with a very cozy morning here. I made two triple-layer sandwiches with peanut butter and kaya for Adrian this morning.  He loves to eat PB and kaya sandwiches and always wanted me to put these sandwiches into his bento, so, I let his wishes came true …

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Aug 08

爱。开心便当の2 bentos with Bunnies

Good morning and happy Monday!    I had made two bentos this morning, one for the eldest, Adrian, and one for my youngest, Eugene. The first bento is specially made for Adrian as he is having his third time exam this whole week.  Today’s is the first day of the exam, so I made him this Good …

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Jun 27

爱。开心便当のAngry Bird jigsaw puzzle

Hohoho…Angry Birds again…we are now crazy playing the Angry Birds Rio game, trying to think hard how to complete the games  and realease those birds from the cages.  I am sure most of you are also one of AB fan too. 😉  My sons’ favorite toy now is AB, besides BEN10.  I made a green pigs …

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Jun 22

爱。开心便当のKorilakkuma & Kiiroitori bento

I made a simple Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori bento for my son yesterday.  I used a bear cutter to cut the bread and made a Korilakkuma sandwich with ham, cheese and nori.  For Kiiroitori sandwich, I used a round cutter to cut the bread and decorated it with cheese, carrot and nori. Other goodies inthe bento …

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Jun 14

爱。开心便当のLadybird in the garden

Hello…happy Tuesday!!!  School started yesterday after two weeks of mid-term holiday.  I didn’t make any charaben bento yesterday, therefore, decided to make one this morning. I made a SPAM sandwich and decorated it with crab meat and nori as a big ladybird.  I used two black bead picks for the antennas.  There are a sunflower …

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May 18

爱。开心便当のBiscuits Sandwiches Bento

There were three pieces of biscuit sandwiches which made of white breads and wholemeal breads.  I put in a piece of cheese, a piece of ham and lettuce as the filling for the biscuit sandwich.  My son love to eat biscuits, regardless of any type and flavor, I do hope he will like to eat this type …

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