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Oct 14

爱。开心便当のPanda Sandwiches

Time flies…is Friday again…There was only one charaben bento I made this week, a panda bento on this Wednesday. I used two type of breads to make this cute panda, white and choco raisin bread.  With the help of four different sizes of round cutter, I cut the breads into different sizes for different body parts – the …

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Jul 05

爱。开心便当のTwin Bears Bento

This was last Friday’s bento, I didn’t have enought time to post it up till today. Last Saturday, 2nd July, my son had joined the  “Larian 1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia ” (1student 1sports 1Malaysia Run) and at the same day, his school had the annual sport day after the run.  A replacement off day was given yesterday, …

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Aug 20

爱。开心便当のKoala bear

This is another request from my son, a koala bear bento. I made a chocolate round sandwich with 2 slices of raisin oatmeal bread as the koala’s face. Then, cut another round bread and cut into half as the koala’s ears. To make the ears ‘3D’ style, I put a half piece of chicken burger pattie …

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Jan 20


原汁原味的香兰葡萄干杯子蛋糕,很香很美味,蛋糕的内部也很柔软, 每一口都是香兰的香。。。超好吃! 我做了原食谱双份的份量,一共弄了32个小马芬杯(纸杯底部直径4.5cm,高3.5cm),让儿子带去学校和他的朋友一起分享。 材料(原食谱): 细砂糖  140g(可以再减少) 无盐奶油 100g 盐    1/8小匙 全蛋   2個 香兰汁  120g 低筋面粉 200g 发粉      2小匙 葡萄干         50g 做法: 1)将细砂糖、无盐奶油、盐搅拌打至淡黃色。 2)全蛋分次加入,香兰汁同样分次先加入60g。 3)倒入粉粉类过筛拌勻,再加入剩下的香兰汁充份拌均,再拌入葡萄干。 4)入模约7分满,170度c,烘烤20~25分钟。