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Jul 27

培根蔬菜蛋卷 Bacon Vegetable Egg Rolls

在小小米桶的写食厨房里看到这个食谱, 心想孩子们一定会爱吃,又刚好冰箱里还有一包培根。。。于是把食谱抄下。 这道小菜不需要任何调味,只靠培根的味道和鸡蛋的香就把我们的味蕾打开,简单的食材也可以做出超级美味的食物。 食谱原处:小小米桶的写食厨房 – 培根蔬菜蛋卷 (备有步骤图) 材料: 红萝卜 Carrot 绿花椰菜 Broccoli 蛋 Egg 培根 Bacon 做法: 1)蛋加入盐打散成蛋液 (我没有加盐),用小火煎成蛋皮,起锅后切成和培根一样的宽度,备用。 2)红萝卜干净切小条状,绿花椰菜洗干净切小朵放入锅中用热水烫至6分熟。  3)烫好捞起放进冷水中,等冷却后捞起沥干水分,备用。 4)取一片培根,在上面铺上蛋皮,中间放入红萝卜条和绿花椰菜,然后卷起置于烤盘中,烤箱预热250度,烤约8分钟即可。 建议: 1)我曾尝试用青瓜代替绿花椰菜,一样很美味。 还把它放进儿子的便当。 2)我第一次弄时,是用牙签把蛋卷固定后用平底锅煎熟,这样培根会更香。  

Jul 26

爱。开心便当のSilly Pinky Pigs bento

This is today’s bento, two Silly Pinky Pigs played inside the mud (macaroni) …heheh…one was hiding his head inside the mud and the other was showing her silly face. I cooked some macaroni (in Chinese style with dry shrimp and dried radish) for dinner yesterday.  My sons love to eat this macaroni very much, and it …

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Jun 17

爱。开心便当のCute flowers bento

I went for an evening walk with sons having their cycling fun yesterday evening at my neighborhood here.   While sons were enjoying their playing and cycling around, surprisingly, I found there are so many beautiful flowers blooming in the neighborhood.  With the camera with me, I supposed to capture sons’ cycling fun, but ended up I …

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Feb 11

爱。开心便当のValentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming very very soon…I am sure many couples are thinking and searching of Valentine’s gift for their loved ones.  This is the headache job for me to find a suitable git for my husband too…hehe.   But, there are two common gifts which most of the guy will give to the girl…a gift and a bouquet of roses. …

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Feb 09

爱。开心便当のBEE Mine

Hi friends!!! After one week Lunar New Year breaks…we back to normal routine life, and I am back to bento making life too…heheh… Another four days to Valentine’s Day, therefore I start my bento today with this lovely Valentine’s Day theme bento, BEE MINE… I use some rice seasoning mix to color the rice to …

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Jan 28

爱。开心便当のLunar New Year bentos

Hello,my dear friends.  It has been a few days I didn’t post up any bento…hehe…was busy with my Lunar New Year cookies making and the spring cleaning…finally, all these works have been done, and we are waiting for the actual day to come…yeehar…yahooo… ^.^ I made two bentos for my sons last night with Lunar …

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Jan 12

爱。开心便当のBunny Onigiri

Another rabbit theme bento to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year…a bunny onigiri!!!  ^.^ The bunny was made of steamed rice which I molded with hand,  as usual, I used cling wrap to shape the rice and to get the smooth surface of the rice balls. After that decorated it with ham, crab stick, and nori. Other …

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Jan 05

爱。开心便当のLadybugs Bento

I made this ladybugs bento for my son yesterday.  Although I have started to make bento for son after school starts, but my lazy bugs still attacking me..so don’t feel like wake up early in the morning. Hope that I can get into the momentum next week. I used a 2-tier black bento box which I bought …

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Nov 09

爱。开心便当のBee Happy bento

I made inari sushi again…hehe…my son love to eat this sweet bean curds a lot, so I made him these inari sushi again and this time made them as bees…buzzzzz…buzzzz…bees is coming.. so, remember to “bee” happy all the while. The bees were made from inari and decorated with nori for the body stripes, fish …

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