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Aug 08

爱。开心便当の2 bentos with Bunnies

Good morning and happy Monday!    I had made two bentos this morning, one for the eldest, Adrian, and one for my youngest, Eugene. The first bento is specially made for Adrian as he is having his third time exam this whole week.  Today’s is the first day of the exam, so I made him this Good …

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Jul 25

爱。开心便当のSumo Onigiri Bento

This was last Friday post. I made two triangle onigiri with chicken meat floss filling.  After that, I used the nori to decorated the rice balls to become two big fat Sumo..hehe..cute Sumo too. Other than the onigiri, there were two bacon-veggie-egg rolls, strawberries and some grapes.  Update: Linked to Shanon’s What’s for Lunch Wednesday, …

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May 06

爱。开心便当のMother’s Love

Hi everyone…how are you doing??  I am back to bento making after the Easter holiday…but not everyday making it..hehe…still feel a bit lazy to start the ‘engine’ again. 😉 I made a bento for the coming Mother’s Day celebration.  There were a thin layer of white rice at the bottom and two heart shape pink …

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Jan 07

爱。开心便当のCute Girl Bento

I cooked some spiral pasta in mushroom tomato sauce for dinner just now.   After that decided to make a bento for my son and I wanted to decorate it with a cute girl. I placed the pasta at the bottom layer of the bento box without mixing with the sauce and then covered the pasta with …

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Dec 16

爱。开心便当のSanta boy with Rudolph

This is my 3rd Christmas theme bento…the Santa boy with his Rudolph. I made a cheese and ham sandwich for my son.  On top of the sandwich, I used nori, cheese, and imitation crab meat to make a happy Santa boy.  The face and hands of the Santa boy were made of cheese.  The hat, body and …

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Nov 21

爱。开心便当のPink Girls with Bunny Ears

Time flies…Friday is the last day of school for this year.  I still cannot believe that my eldest son had completed his Standard One and going to Std Two next year.  Time really flies extremely fast!!! All children is so happy and excited for the coming long term school holidays. I am happy too…hehe…I no …

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Oct 27

爱。开心便当のJack O’lantern & Pumpkin Girl

This is another Halloween themed bento again…LOL..couldn’t believe that I am full of Halloween inspiration. 😉 I cooked some linguine pasta with homemade fresh tomoto puree.  I put in some chicken meat and some canned button mushrooms into the sauce too, to make the sauce tastier.  After that, I cut a boiled fish cake into half …

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Aug 23

爱。开心便当のI ♥ School

Yeehar…is Monday again…my son is excited to go back to school after 2 days off for the weekend. He likes to go to school everyday because he have friends to play with him and he can learns new things.   I am happy with his reasons too…LOL. Therefore, I made this bento for him this …

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Aug 17

爱。开心便当のPurple Clown

I still have some food colouring that I bought from 100Yen shop. I wanted to make a special colour clown face, so used the purle colouring to put into the white rice.  The outcome very nice, the clown face look attractive. After that, I decorated the face details with cheese, nori & carrot. The broccoli …

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Aug 02


昨天晚上,大宝贝要求我今早弄鸡蛋三文治给他,其他东西则任由我发挥。。。嘻嘻。。。所以就做了这个草帽男孩鸡蛋三文治便当。 这个便当里除了一份鸡蛋三文治外,还有一些葡萄。 三文治里夹了鸡蛋和生菜。三文治上我用了鸡肉块和午餐肉做了两个可爱的小男生脸孔。 首先,把鸡肉块和午餐肉煎熟。接着,把鸡肉块切一半,而午餐肉则要用一个圆形模切出来,然后把三份之一去掉,用意大利面条把鸡肉块和午餐肉接起来,就成了草帽和小男孩的脸。然后,用海苔剪出头发、眼睛、鼻子和嘴巴,放上腮红(我用粉红色的棉花糖),可爱小男生脸孔完成。接着在草帽上放上一粒青豆,再插上一支翅膀叉子就大功告成咯!:)

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