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Mar 02

爱。开心便当のMushroom Cuties

Good day! I am back with a bento post again… I made this mushroom cuties bento yesterday.  My son requested me to give him a simple bento every Thursday and Friday as he only have about 10 minutes to finish the bento.  This is because they need to change their uniform during the break time.  They …

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Feb 14

爱。开心便当のSweet Hearts bento

Happy Valentine’s Day again…hehehe..another Valentine’s Day bento wanted to post up before end of the day, otherwise no meaning for making this bento..hehe. I made this lovely sweet hearts bento this morning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my son.  Just made few mini heart shape strawberry jam sammies and decorated with some tiny sugar hearts.  There was one …

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Feb 14

爱。开心便当のOctopus’ Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Please accept my sincere apologies for not updating my blog and replying all yours comments for more than three weeks. I was so busy with my daily housework and baby sitting tasks all these days.  Hubby came back from oversea during this CNY, and therefore we take this chance to visit some of the interesting …

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Jan 22

爱。开心便当のLunar New Year Bentos

Time flies…Chinese New Year almost here…I managed to prepare two lunar New Year theme bentos this week. The first one was 大吉大利(most favorable auspices) bento. Chinese like to eat and use tangerine to represent good luck/most favorable auspices during Lunar New Year.  This big tangerine sure bring  大吉大利 / most favorable auspices/good luck to us and all of u …

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Jan 04

爱。开心便当のMini Books Bento

Howdy, everyone!! I am back to bento making again. New term of school starts today and that’s mean our joyful holiday end yesterday and we are back to normal routine day life…sons busy with their schooling and me busy with my bento-ing and sending & fetching activities..hehe. I missed out Christmas and New Year themes bentos …

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Nov 18

爱。开心便当のChicky Inari Sushi Bento

I bought a pack of inari sushi few weeks ago, I have to use them before the expiry date.  I just filled the inari pockets with some rice and sprinkled some meat floss on top of each pocket.  On top of the pockets, I put in a little chick made of quail egg and decorated by nori, …

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Nov 10

爱。开心便当のAnpanman and friends bento

This was yesterday post, Anpanman and friends bento. I bought a pack of mini butter buns, so I just used these buns to make two simple burgers, one with chicken sausage and one with tuna mayonnaise.  I decorated the tuna mayonnaise burger as Anpanman.  This was too simple for me…hehehe…just cut some sausage slices as …

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Nov 09

爱。开心便当のFrog fish balls bento

Hello, good day! I was having problem with my blog last few days…some “naughty” viruses been playing around at my hosting server and I was not able to log into my blog since last Friday.  After the cleaning and fixing of the viruses, we found out that some of my blog setting and page layout were deleted…I …

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Oct 31

爱。开心便当のHappy Holloween 2011

Happy Monday & Happy Halloween!!! 😀 This is the first and the only one Halloween theme bento that I made this year. I didn’t make any bento in the past two weeks.  My eldest son had chicken pox two weeks ago…so I stop bento making again.  After he had recovered from chicken pox, then my turn not feeling …

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Oct 14

爱。开心便当のPanda Sandwiches

Time flies…is Friday again…There was only one charaben bento I made this week, a panda bento on this Wednesday. I used two type of breads to make this cute panda, white and choco raisin bread.  With the help of four different sizes of round cutter, I cut the breads into different sizes for different body parts – the …

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