爱。开心便当のSweet Hearts bento

Happy Valentine’s Day again…hehehe..another Valentine’s Day bento wanted to post up before end of the day, otherwise no meaning for making this bento..hehe.

I made this lovely sweet hearts bento this morning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my son.  Just made few mini heart shape strawberry jam sammies and decorated with some tiny sugar hearts.  There was one special heart sammies with a heart shape cut out and showing the lovely red color strawberry jam filling.

I used some sausage stripes to make a bouquet of  sausage flowers with a strawberry in the center .   I also included some strawberries, grapes and chicken nuggets in the box.  Given my son a chocolate nutty bar and a box of strawberry milk as “bonus” during the Valentine’s Day.  He sure will enjoy these bento very much..hehe.

Till then, wishing all of you have a happy and blessed Valentine’s Day! Cheers! :D



  1. AikoVenus says:

    So cute! I always love your sandwich bentos. ^^ Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks so much, Shins. :) So glad that you love those sandwich bentos, I prefer to make sandwich bentos as they are easy & quick.

  2. Chin Pei says:

    do you mind to give me your email address? Thanks!

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