爱。开心便当のOctopus’ Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

Please accept my sincere apologies for not updating my blog and replying all yours comments for more than three weeks. I was so busy with my daily housework and baby sitting tasks all these days.  Hubby came back from oversea during this CNY, and therefore we take this chance to visit some of the interesting places near my area here as our family outing programmes.  Besides that, family reunion and visiting relatives took us sometime and made us so tired during the first week  of the CNY.

School started last two week, and my baby sitting work also starts, therefore, all my time had gone to taking care the baby, housework, assisting sons in their homework and of course we still take some time to enjoy family moments while hubby still here. :)

I made this bento last Friday for Valentine’s Day.  A mixed grains and cereals egg burger topped with two loving octopus made of sausages.  There were some grapes, tangerine and two mini chocolate bars to complete the bento.


 Have a sweet Valentine’s Day to all of you!!!


  1. Lia Chen says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Emily!
    Glad to see your bento post again :)

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks so much, Lia. :)

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