爱。开心便当のMini Books Bento

Howdy, everyone!! I am back to bento making again. :)

New term of school starts today and that’s mean our joyful holiday end yesterday and we are back to normal routine day life…sons busy with their schooling and me busy with my bento-ing and sending & fetching activities..hehe.

I missed out Christmas and New Year themes bentos this time. :( I was too tied up with my new job – baby sitting until I don’t have the time to prepare the bentos.  I started to take care my niece at the beginning of December, she is just about 2 months at that time.  My daily schedule has been changed according to her “lifestyle”. At the same time, I need to adjust myself back to baby sitting life and need to re-call back my “previous experience” in baby sitting skills…hehe.  I do hope that I have time for bento making every morning…finger crossed!!

Today’s bento is a simple, consists of  three mini sandwiches (chocolate and cheese), some red big grapres, few strawberries,  and few cheese sausages.  I made the sandwiches looked like a book by with the spagetthi to hold the two pieces of bread sandwich together.  Decorated the mini books with cheese and some sugar alphabets as the title of the mini books.  Hope my boy will enjoy his back to school bento with all these delicious mini books. :)

Hope all kids and parents enjoy their school life and have a happy day.





  1. AikoVenus says:

    So cute! I always love your cute and creative bentos. ^^ You’re especially good with the sandwich ones.

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks so much, Shins. :D
      You’ve make my day. I prefer to use sandwiches as they are easy to prepare..hehe. ;)

  2. KidsDreamWork says:

    Nice first day of school bento! I didn’t make any as my boy so excited to try buying food from the canteen :)

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Hi Ai Ping, thanks so much. My son did the same when he first day of school in primary…but after few days, he get bored to the food and requesting bento from me…hehe. Once a while I still let him buy from canteen too. Chance for him to learn buying & selling process…haha.

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