Sep 19

爱。开心便当のCircus Elephants bento

Good day everyone. :)  It has been two weeks since my last post… I must give my sincere apologies to everyone especially those whom have dropped me comments for taking so long to response.

I didn’t make any kyaraben bento last two weeks.  I just make some simple and speedy sandwiche bentos for my boy.  Another reason was we went for a short trip at Phuket last week, therefore no bento at all for that period. :)

I made this circus elephants bento for my boy this morning to warm up my bento-making engine again after the long breaks…hehe.

I cut the breads with an elephant cutter and spread some peanut butter on them to make three PB elephant sandwiches.   After that, decorated the little elephants with nori flowers, green color cheese costume, yellow cheese flower and some sugar stars.  Eyes were cut from nori and the red blushes from red crispy rice.

I also included some chicken nuggets and fresh strawberries to complete the bento.  Hope my boy will enjoy and have fun while eating the bento. :)

Wishing everyone have a great Monday and have a wonderful week ahead!!!