May 26

爱。开心便当のGiant buttons sandwiches

I am still in a happy mood today since my little boy told me he love me…hehehe.   Therefore, I had a very good sleep yesterday night and woke up early this morning to make a charaben bento for eldest son.

I made three giant button sandwiches with white color breads and chocolate raisin bread.  First I cut the bread into round shape with a cup.  Then, on each round bread, I use the bottom of the cup to make the inner circle on the bread to make them look like a button.  Cut the ham and cheese with the cup too, and then place it in between two pieces of round breads as a round sandwich.  Finally, used a piece of drinking straw to cut 4 holes in the center of the sandwiches.  Let’s have a closer look on the giant buttons sandwiches.

A chocolate button sandwich and two white button sandwiches.  Simple to make and delicious to eat…hehehe.

There are some boiled sausages, grapes and a flower quail egg with I cut into half. 

Tomorrow will be the last day of school for this term, then follow by two week of mid-term holidays.  I am not sure whether I will be making any bento tomorrow but am sure that there won’t be any bento posts during the holiday…heheh.   Therefore,  I would like to take this opportunity to wish all bento mama and children have a joyful holiday ahead.  To all my bento pals too, have a great weekend ahead. :)