Apr 15

爱。开心便当のBlack Pete beef burger

I bought some charcoal bun again after we tried it last year.   Instead of cutting the bun into half, this time I used it as burger bun to make a beef burger and…guess what…I decorated it as Black Pete…hehe..thanks to Lia of Bentolicious.  She had gave me a great suggestion to use this black color bun to make a Black Pete. :)

I cut the ears in ‘V’ shape using a a small knife  and then propped them up with spaghetti sticks.  Then, used cheese, nori and black sesame seeds to decorate the face of Pete.  Included a hat deco tool as the hat that usually wear by Pete. :)  Does the bun look like Pete?  hehehe…

I managed to find a round big box to fit in the burger, I put a piece of wax paper to cover and hold the burger so that my son can take it out from the box easily.  The burger is big enough for my son with the lettuce, cheese and beef burger, therefore, I didn’t put much food in and just included a small apple in the bento.

Happy bento-ing & have a wonderful weekend ahead!!! :)