爱。开心便当の3 Sleepy Froggies

Sleepy bento is the theme for today’s bento. I felt so sleepy and lazy to wake up this morning and my son too, but too bad we both have to wake up early as the school van will come at 6.30am to fetch him.  I got to wake up much more earlier than him to prepare this bento…urghhh…mom’s job, no excuse for me!   Both of us look exactly like the froggies in the bento this morning…so unwilling to wake up, so blur and feel sleepy…haha.

I made 3 inari sushi..yay..inari again, I need to finish these inari before it went expired. :) I filled the inari with some green rice which inspired by Lia in her edamame rice post.  I could not get edamame at my place here…poor little town. :( but I found some frozen broad beans which almost same like edamame, so I decided to use these to make the green rice inari.  After filling the inari with the rice, I cut some fish balls slices for the froggies’ eyes. Blur eye balls and mouth were cut from nori.

Inside the box, there are broccoli, baby carrots, mini pork patties, fish nuggets and apples slices.

Hope my son will not fall asleep in the class and enjoy his yummylicious green rice inari sushi. :)

Update: Added this post to Shannon’s What’s for Lunch Wednesday, Week 21.  There are many nice and creative bento in the post, check them out.


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  1. KidsDreamWork says:

    Aw, cute little sleepy froggies! You reminded me of my lefover sweet bean curd in the fridge! I better use them before they expire too! :D
    By the way, love the way you sliced the apples, the colours are so contrast!

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Morning, Ai Ping. Thanks for much for your sweet comments. Haha…we both like to store food and always caution with the expiry date. The apples stripes are the most easy way that I can think of. :)

  2. bobo says:

    oh.. then u got to get up by 5am now? I think it will be my turn when E start primary school..

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks, Florence. Yeah, I will get up at 5am most of the days…but sometimes if I decided to make speedy bento, then can wake up after 5.30am…hehehe. Oh, then you need to ‘enjoy’ your sleep now before your son go in primary. ^.^

  3. sheri says:

    I really love the edamame rice. Such a lovely green. I made broccoli rice today; similar.
    Inari pockets are so convenient :)

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thank you and welcome to my blog here, Sheri. Thanks so much for dropping me this lovely comments. :) Yah…inari pockets are so convenient.
      I love to read your blog and see those beautiful bentos. You are creative!

  4. Lia Chen says:

    Cute froggies! They do look very sleepy. What happened? hehehe … Broad beans also have a nice green color, good choice :)

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks so much, Lia. :) yah..very sleepy this morning as I went to sleep quite late last night..just few hours sleep for me.

  5. tatabonita says:

    I like everything froggies and these sleepy ones are sooo cute. I love your fish inarisuzhi too :D . They are great ideas! I always want to make inarisuzhi but can never find the aburagee :(

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thank you so much, Tata. Glad that you love them. :)
      I found inari pockets at my place here recently only…before that, I can just admired at others.

  6. anna c says:

    lovely sleepy froggies! me too should do sleepy theme bento because that’s how i feel every weekdays mornings! =)

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks, Karen. :) Yay…we need to gep up early during weekdays.

  7. Heather says:

    I’m sleepy today too! I love your froggies :)

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks a lot, Heather. :o

  8. Sonoma Bento says:

    These are awesome Emily! I love the bright green froggies, and the striped apples are wonderful. Get some sleep! :)

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thank you so much for the sweet comments, Sonoma Bento. I will try to get more sleep..hehehe… thanks. :)

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