爱。开心便当のSmiling Flower with Udon Noodles

I didn’t make any cute bento for my son this morning.  I was so tired and lazy to move, so just gave him an egg sandwich this morning. :) Hope he won’t feel dissappointed without the nice bento to school.  These two bentos were made yesterday afternoon as lunch bentos for my sons. 

This one is for my eldest son, there were udon noodles, smiling sausage flower (sausage and quail egg), lettuce, grapes and halved apple in the box.

And, this is for my youngest boy, he had udon noodles and the smiling sausage flower only.  This is the first bento that I made for him, therefore, I don’t want to put so many foods in the box in case he don’t like to take.  But, surprisingly, he love the bento so much, he was so excited to have his lunch in a box and with the cute pretty sausage flower.  ;) He finished up all the food in the box and made me so happy.

I never try to fried udon noodles before,  we eat udon with soup or eat during steamboat most of the time.  But, after I saw from Karen’s blog, I noticed that she always fired udon noodles for her kids, I wanted to try it out too…hehehe..no harm to try new thing.  So, I bought some udon and fried it with some cabbage, fish ball and fish cake. 

After that, I made two smiling flowers to brighten up the bento, else too dull.  I sliced some sausage slices, arranged them in a circle, and put in the quail egg in the middle, fry the egg until the egg is cooked.  Then, decorate it with nori.

The fried udon noodles was so delicious, I should cook it more often since my sons love to eat it too. 

That’s all for today…weekend is coming, wish everyone have a happy and great weekend ahead!!!


  1. Angeleyes says:

    Wah… now you have 2 customers to serve!

    Very nice egg ‘sun’ you did there.
    I always fried my udon too. I guess most people in Singapore like eating fried udon. I used to live there so I learned to fried them too during my hey days! :P

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thank you so much, Alice.
      My first time to try fried udon..hehe…taste good. :)

  2. anna c says:

    Thank you for the special mention. Your bentos are so jovial. Btw, I made ‘kon lo’ udon. Boiled udon/soba, rinse with cold water and mix with I tbsp of sesame oil and sweet dark sauce. Simple la, I must admit I am not a good cook so I did a lot of boiling and steaming kind of bentos. Hehe…

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Is alright, Karen. :o
      Thank you for sharing your ‘secret recipe” with me. I want to try it out too one day..hehehe…must simple work. Yah, when I lazy to cook, I will use boiling and steaming too…simple and less cleaning need to do.

  3. Heather says:

    Your smiling flowers really do brighten up the whole bento, they are so cute!

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks, Heather. You’ve made my day. :)

  4. Bentobird/Jenn says:

    Mmmmm, yummy udon with such a sweet accent! Really nice one, Emily…hope you’ll enjoy a great weekend dear :D

    1. Emily Ng says:

      Thanks, Jenn. Thanks for your sweet comments. Wish you have a great weekend too.

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